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Course Outline


Due Dates

Vignette Performance Schedule: 

1/7: Clayton, Zachary, and Claire

1/8: Hamza, Isabel, and Jacob

1/9: Avi and Sophia K.

1/10: Siena, Simon, and Luca

1/13: Gretchen, Paden, Eleanor, Cole, and Gianna

1/16: Lainey, Payton, and Kevin

1/17: Ben, Peter, Lilly, and Quinn

1/21: Miguel, Carson, and Sadie

1/22: Julia B., Talia, Hailey, and Mara

1/23: Owen, Jasper, and Julia C.

1/24: Brayden, Nikhil, Jordan, and Annika

1/27: Aryana, Ava, Orson, Cullen, Eme, and Reece

1/28: MAKE UPS (for excused absences only)