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Freshman Due Dates

(Always refresh this page to ensure accurate information.)



Due Thursday, March 26th (see Schoology for all you need to know about these assignments!):

Vocabulary #1 Worksheet

Cumulative Sentence Practice

I-Search IRB Book Talk Script 


SUSPENDED DEADLINE Due Friday, April 3rd by 8:55am:

Your final I-Search!

SUSPENDED DEADLINE Due Friday, March 30th by 10pm:

Submit your About the Author to

SUSPENDED DEADLINE  Friday, March 27th by 10pm:

Your Media Search #2 Paper

SUSPENDED DEADLINE Due Friday, March 20th by 10pm:

Submit your Observation/2nd Interview Paper to


Due Monday, March 16th by 10pm:

Finish your IRB


Due Friday, March 13th by 10pm:

Submit your Interview Paper to

Due Friday, February 28th by 10pm:

Submit your Media Search #1 Paper to

Due Monday, February 24th:

--Originally due Tuesday, February 13th (Class 6) and Wednesday, February 14th (Class 7)--

Bring a hard copy (meaning: on paper) of your interview plan and questions.  Carefully review the Interview assignment in the I-Search packet.  If you have lost your packet, you can always get another copy by clicking HERE.


Due Tuesday, February 4th (Class 6) and Wednesday, February 5th (Class 7):

Bring your IRB to class.


Due Tuesday, January 28th (Class 6) and Wednesday, January 29th (Class 7):

In your Schoology Library Class, please read through the "Resources for Help Searching for Reliable Information" document from the "In a World of Misinformation: How do We Find Reliable Websites?" folder.

Due Monday, January 27th by 10pm:

Submit Proposal Pitch Paper to

Due Tuesday, January 21st (Class 6) and Wednesday, January 22nd (Class 7):

Your Maus Topics worksheet.  (You can get another copy by clicking HERE.)


Due Thursday, January 16th (Class 6) and Friday, January 17th (Class 7):

Read Chapters 4 and 5 of Part II in Maus (pp. 262-296)

Your signed I-Search Schedule Form (Here is another copy is you misplaced the one I gave you)

Due Tuesday, January 14th (Class 6) and Wednesday, January 15th (Class 7):

Come to class prepared to take your Freshman Writing Assessment with a FULLY CHARGED chromebook.  

Due Monday, January 13th:

Read Chapter 3 of Part II in Maus (pp. 237-260)

Due Thursday, January 9th (Class 6) and Friday, January 10th (Class 7):

Read Chapter 2 of Part II in Maus (pp. 201-234)

Due Tuesday, January 7th (Class 6) and Wednesday, January 10th (Class 7):

Read Chapter 1 of Part II in Maus (pp. 171-197)

Due by Monday, January 6th:

Submit your FINAL draft of your vignette to  NOTE: This is not homework over break, but since we are not going to read them in class until January, I am giving you an extra two weeks to officially turn yours in.  Your vignette needs to:

     1. Be autobiographical

     2. Be under one page long (double-spaced!)

     3. Be school appropriate

     4. Contain at least one participial phrase

     5. Contain at least one absolute

     6. Contain at least one relative clause

     7. Contain at least one appositive

     8. Contain a one-word OR two-word sentence

     9. Contain a question.

You will read your vignette in front of the class during January.  The sign-up sheet is in the classroom on the white board.

Due Thursday, December 19th (Class 6) and Friday, December 20th (Class 7):

Prepare for your Semester One Final!  

Read pages 131-161 of Maus.


Due Tuesday, December 17th:

Read pages 97-129 of Maus.

Due Thursday, December 12th (Class 6) and Friday, December 13th (Class 7):

Read pages 73-95 of Maus.

Due Tuesday, December 10th (Class 6) and Wednesday, December 11th (Class 7):

Read pages 43-72 of Maus.


Due Monday, December 9th:

Read Chapter 2 (pages 27-42) of Maus and complete the Maus Study Questions for Chapter 2.

Due Thursday, December 5th (Class 6) and Friday, December 6th (Class 7):

Read Chapter 1 (pages 13-25) of Maus.


Due Friday night, November 22nd:

Send me an email about your experience with the student-taught lessons for House on Mango Street.  Let me know what you thought about it, how it felt in front of the room, etc.  Did anything surprise you?  Should we do it again?

Due Tuesday, November 19th (6th period) and Wednesday, November 20th (7th period):

Come to class prepared with your lesson plan for your Cisneros vignette.  I will expect your group to read your vignette to the class, and lead an organized discussion or a task/assignment that relates to your vignette.  You will have a maximum of twenty minutes to complete your lesson, so aim for fifteen.


Due Monday, November 18th:

Your IRB Assignment.  Click here for instructions.

Due Thursday, November 14th (Class 6) and Friday, November 15th (Class 7):

Create a draft of a vignette that is modeled after your HOMS chapter.

Due Tuesday, November 12th (6th period) and Wednesday, November 13th (7th period):

Finish reading your Independent Reading Book!

Read pgs 76-110 ("No Speak English" through "Mango Says Goodbye Sometimes")  in The House on Mango Street.

Due Thursday, November 7th (Class 6) and Friday, November 8th (Class 7):

Read pgs 49-75 ("Hips" through "Four Skinny Trees") ​in The House on Mango Street.


Due Monday, November 4th:

Read pgs 23-48 ("Louie, His Cousin & His Other Cousin" through "Chanclas") ​in The House on Mango Street.

Due Thursday, October 31st (Class 6) and Friday, November 1st (Class 7):

Read pgs 2-22 ("The House on Mango Street" through "Meme Ortiz")  in The House on Mango Street.

Due Thursday, October 24th (Class 6) and Friday, October 25th (Class 7):

Sit in a completely dark and silent space and eat one of your favorite things.  Then, write a paragraph about the experience!

Due Monday, October 21st:

Finish reading Oedipus the King.

Due Thursday, October 10th (Class 6) and Friday, October 11th (Class 7):

Bring your Independent Reading Book to class!

Due Monday, September 16th:

Read Chapter 12 (the final chapter!) of Lord of the Flies

Closely annotate a passage (6 lines to 1/2 page in length) from the chapter.

Due Thursday, September 12th (Class 6) and Friday, September 13th (Class 7):

Read Chapter 11 of Lord of the Flies

Closely annotate a passage (6 lines to 1/2 page in length) from the chapter.

Due Tuesday, September 10th (Class 6) and Wednesday, September 11th (Class 7):

Read Chapter 10 of Lord of the Flies

Closely annotate a passage (6 lines to 1/2 page in length) from the chapter.

Due Monday, September 9th:

Read Chapter 9 of Lord of the Flies

Closely annotate a passage (6 lines to 1/2 page in length) from the chapter.

Due Thursday, September 5th (Class 6) and Friday, September 6th (Class 7):

Read Chapter 8 of Lord of the Flies

Closely annotate a passage (6 lines to 1/2 page in length) from the chapter.


Due Tuesday, September 3rd (Class 6) and Wednesday, September 4th (Class 7):

Read Chapters 6 and 7 of Lord of the Flies

Closely annotate a passage (6 lines to 1/2 page in length) from each chapter.

Due Thursday, August 29th (Class 6) and Friday, August 30th (Class 7):

Read Chapters 4 and 5 of Lord of the Flies

Closely annotate a passage (6 lines to 1/2 page in length) from each chapter.

Due Tuesday, August 27th (Class 6) and Wednesday, August 28th (Class 7):

Read Chapter 3 of Lord of the Flies

Closely annotate a passage (6 lines to 1/2 page in length).

Due Monday, August 26th:

Read Chapters 1 and 2 of Lord of the Flies

Due on Monday, August 19th:

Your completed policy slip.  If you need another copy, CLICK HERE.

Due by 11:59pm on Friday, August 16th:

Send an email to me!  The required content for this email is to identify at least one personal and one classroom goal you want to accomplish over the course of your freshman year.  Once you've done that, anything else you include is up to you!  You can tell me about your experiences in English classes:  What have you liked about them?  What have you disliked?  I hope that you will give me an idea of what your freshman year looks like: extracurricular activities, sports, hobbies, your family situation, etc.  You may also want to let me know if you have any special circumstances in our class (For example, if your best friend is in the class, but you NEVER want to be in a group together, or if your ex is in here and you really don't want to be neighbors) or learning considerations (Do you have an IEP?  Do you identify as a specific type of learner?).   This email has no length requirement, so take whatever space you need.  You will earn full credit for this assignment if you:

               1.  Include at least one personal goal and one classroom goal. 

               2.  Include your first and last name and class period number in the email header/subject line.

               3.  Send the email from your account.

               4.  Send it to me by 11:59pm on Friday, August 16th.

You cannot earn full credit if you neglect any of these four requirements.  There will be NO exceptions.


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