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Culminating All Quiet on the Western Front Class Project


Imagine I have told you that the theme you have chosen to annotate is irrelevant, or that it is a minor theme that isn’t worth exploring, but have offered you the opportunity to convince me otherwise. 


The Task: 


Your group will plan an engaging lesson that removes ALL doubt about the importance of your theme!  You will then DELIVER/TEACH your lesson!


How you choose to present the information is up to your group, but you must have the following:


1.  At least four examples from the novel that support your theme, and analysis that explains why it is important.


2.  An important passage from the book that falls under your theme (one that was NOT included in your examples) to lead the class through annotating. 


3.  An interactive element of your presentation (in addition to your guided annotation).


4.  A piece of art or poety that also presents/explores your theme.


5.  Thoughtful analysis that addresses the point(s) Remarque wanted to make about WWI/our world/humanity.


Your lesson must fall within a 10-25 minute window! 


This project is worth up to 25 points.  I will participate as a member of the class during your lesson, and will take notes.  I will look for a fair division of labor and thoughtful contributions, and will score your participation on my own observations as well as your (and your group-mates’) reflections.





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