Resources for Literature Paper



Below are a few entry points into researching your thesis on the Role of Literature.  I tried to gather a variety of resources here, from the erudite and intellectual to the epitome of click-bait.   You are required to include three research sources into your final paper.  I encourage you to find other material on your own, but be warned that dictionary sites, Wikipedia, Sparknotes/review sites, and quote-collection sites are not acceptable sources for an academic paper.

TED Talks about the relevance of literature in society

National Endowment for the Arts - Literature

Modern Library's Top 100 Novels List

Signifying as a Scaffold for Literary Interpretation:

The Pedagogical Implications of an African American Discourse Genre

Toni Morrison's Wellesley Commencement Speech

Chinua Achebe's 1977 paper on Heart of Darkness

Reading like a Writer by Paul Thomas

Interview with Haruki Murakami

Real Simple's Collection of Books That Will Change Your Life

Interview with Sherman Alexie

Rugged Fellow's Guide: 5 Reasons to Read Fiction

PEW Research Center 2013 Report

The Atlantic: The Decline of the American Book Lover