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Hamlet: Final Project


You are to create a project that is related to Hamlet. You can do what you want (within reason) for this project, which takes the place of a traditional end-of-unit exam.  Here is the plan:


  1. Come up with a project that reflects something you are interested in, something you enjoy doing, and/or something you want to share with your classmates about the play itself, Shakespearean theater, 11th/12th century Denmark, or the Elizabethan era. 

  2. Submit the Google Form "Hamlet Project Proposal" that details what you plan to do, who you plan to work with (if you are with a group of people), and how you will do it.  If you are working with a group, every member must submit an individual proposal.  This proposal is due by the time class meets on Thursday, December 8th.  During that class, I will either give you approval or supplemental instruction.

  3. Work on your approved project!  You have class time on December 13th and 15th to work on it.  All other efforts must be done outside of class.

  4. You will write and submit a SINGLE page, MLA formatted rationale that explains your project,  motivation, and choices.  This is short, so be succinct!   I expect an individual rationale from EVERY student, and there should be NO collaboration between group members on these rationales.  Submit this to by 11pm on Thursday, December 15th.

  5. On December 16th (a Friday special schedule), come to class ready to present your project!  I will draw presenters in random order. If you are not prepared, I will deduct points from your project.  If we don’t get to everyone, presentations will continue the next class meeting, which is the last class of the year.

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