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2019-20 ASB Agreement    


The following are responsibilities of all ASB members:


1. Attend

You are expected to be present in all ASB class meetings for the entire period of time unless otherwise stated by the ASB Advisor.  Tell the Advisor as soon as you know you won’t make it to class, whether you are sick or in an athletic tournament.  Your absences have the potential to affect the entire school, so avoid scheduling appointments during class time.


2. Commit

Attend and help out at all ASB events.  As a member of this class, you are expected to help set up, work, clean up, or be present at events.  If you have highly unusual circumstances in which you cannot make an event, please contact the ASB Advisor with 24 hours notice (unless it is an emergency), and always find your own replacement. 


3. Support

Show your support for both school and ASB events.  Support your fellow ASB members both inside and outside the classroom.  Even if you did not plan an event, you are expected to ask to see if you can help in any way, shape, or form.  Promote ASB and its events in a positive manner.  How you respond to ASB events yourself has a direct correlation to how the ASB Leadership Council is perceived by the school.  Be responsible for what you say and realize that if you speak badly about any events or the class, you are chipping away at the hard-won respect of the Council. 


4. Represent

Whether it feels like it or not, the ASB Leadership Council is responsible for representing the interests of about 900 students.  Always keep the student body in mind in all your decisions.


5. Respect

Show respect for the school and all people in it (administration, teachers, staff and students).  You should never be working on non-ASB work in ASB class without explicit permission to do so, and you shouldn’t even be working on ASB work during class discussions.  Your full, undivided attention is the best way to ensure that you know what is happening both in the moment and in the future!  When students or teachers come in to talk to us regarding a possible grant or event, demonstrate that ASB is a reputable organization by giving him/her/them your full attention, and use discretion in what you say. All discussions held in council meetings are to remain in confidence.


6. Follow Through

If you are in charge of an event, fill out a proposal form by the deadline and follow through with all aspects of the event, including the completion of the post event wrote up with the Historian.  For example: send reminders, communicate with Admin and Faculty, update all members of ASB, and make sure that all parties involved do their fair share of the work and complete required jobs.  On the day of the event, organize and lead the set up, be present at the event itself, and stay for the entire clean up.  If you aren’t done with a project or task by the end of our class period, you continue the work on your own time so that you can come to our next class prepared.


7. Work as a Team

ASB is a team.  Our goal is to be efficient and do a lot for the school in the time that we have together.  While it is important for each person to do his/her own part, we need to also help each other along the way.  With only 18 ASB members, we are all are expected to take initiative when it comes to volunteering to help at events and to always be ready to cover and support one another.  Be proactive.


8. Follow the Golden Rule

Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Bring a positive attitude to the class.  Respect what other people have to bring to the table.  Put away distractions while we meet in our circle, and give everyone your full attention when they speak.


If an ASB member fails to comply with any of the above guidelines or fails to follow through with any of the responsibilities listed above, the following will occur:


  • Upon the first infraction of the ASB Agreement, the ASB member in question will be required to partake in a conference, in which the Agreement will be reviewed, specific problems will be addressed, and possible solutions explored.  The conference will be held with the ASB Advisor, ASB president, ASB Vice President, and/or Administrator present. 

  • Upon a second infraction of the ASB Agreement, the ASB member in question will be required to sign under a specific agreement and will be under probation during which he/she will be closely observed for a month.

  • If a third infraction of the ASB Agreement occurs within the probationary period, the ASB member will abdicate his/her position and he/she will be removed from the ASB class. 


Whether or not an ASB member shall be considered for disciplinary action shall be to the discretion of the Probation Council.  The PHS Administration will decide consequences for severe issues not outlined in theAgreement above, including failure to comply with the PHS Activities Code.




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