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ASB Assignments and Due Dates:



Due by Friday, February 12th, at 11:59pm:

Send me an email update!  Check your email for specific instructions.


Due ASAP, but definitely no later than Thursday 12/10:

Take this abreviated Myers-Briggs Personality test:

and email your 4-letter designation to Foster!!


Due by midnight on Friday, October 23rd:

Email your personal reflection on Homecoming to Foster. In your reflection, address each of the following:


1. What did you do to ensure the success of the event?

2. What did you need in order to be successful?  Did you get it?  Why or why not?

3. What will you take from this experience that will help you plan

   and execute future events?  

4. If you had to choose one thing to DROP from next year's Homecoming, what would it be?  What one thing MUST we keep?

5. What grade do you deserve?  Explain/justify your grade.



Committee Assignments:


Maryse - General Management 

Jenny -  General Management

Ellie -   Matchmakers           

Colin -  Homecoming Rally (DONE!)

Genna - Homecoming Week (DONE!)

Alisha - Club Day (DONE!)

           Homecoming Week (DONE!)

Tyler -  Homecoming Manager (DONE!)

           Day on the Green

Alison - Teacher Appreciation Week

           Homecoming Court (DONE!)

Alex - Homecoming Dance (DONE!)

Sydney - Homecoming Halftime Show (DONE!)

Mingwei - Food Drive

Jane - Blood & Marrow Drives

Gracie -  Spring Rally

            Homecoming Dance (DONE!)

Natalie - Winter Rally (DONE!)

            Homecoming Rally (DONE!)

Anna - Valentine-O-Grams

HannaMarie - Winter Ball (DONE!)

Shannon - Holiday-O-Grams (DONE!)

Max -  Valley Fire Drive (DONE!)

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